Character Artist's Irritating Acts

Character Artist's Irritating Acts

He happens to be one of those busy character artists in Tollywood right now, while he's a popular hero in the 90s alongside the likes of Megastar, Balayya and others. For those loose-tongued talks, silly acts and unwanted gestures, he became a point of attention now.

This actor is said to be hugely interested to sit and chat with his film's heroines. Actually, he's playing the father of heroine in that film but whenever there is a break he calls her by name and wraps his hands around them, teaching her some useful acting tips. And whenever a new girl turns up on the set, water starts flowing from his mouth and he pesters director to introduce him to her.

Sometimes these water-mouth acts of this senior are also being seen at press meets and other film events. With things like #MeToo around, some well-wishers advised him to restrain from such activities, but he's not in a mood to budge and continues irritating actresses, say sources.

Despite the fact that he has kids who are aged a bit elder than that of the girls he's misbehaving and water-mouthing with, he still wants that fun. Seems like his days are numbered!!


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