Buzz: Anushka Paid A Surprise Visit To Prabhas

Buzz: Anushka Paid A Surprise Visit To Prabhas

Regarding the rumours around Prabhas and Anushka, the two have laughed at them many times and rubbished all the gossip saying that they are just friends. And these just friends have now got stuck in another rumour.

In the wake of Prabhas shooting in Como, Italy for his upcoming film being directed Radha Krishna Kumar, many Telugu guys living in Europe are trying to get a glimpse of their favourite actor. And those who have visited the shooting spot are saying that they have caught Anushka as well on the location.

In reality, Anushka went to Austria to join at Vivamayr Spa Clinic where she will be indulging in a weight loss program. Maybe she might have paid a visit to Italy by taking a high-speed train such that she could catch up with her friend Prabhas. And this visit is now giving scope to more rumours.

Guess what, rumour mills say that Anushka didn't turn up on sets as Prabhas' uncle Krishnam Raju is not happy with this friendship. We have to see if there is any truth in this.

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