Opinion Poll of 3 States : Rude Shock To BJP!

Opinion Poll of 3 States : Rude Shock To BJP!

A rude shock to BJP is awaiting in the three states if the latest opinion poll is anything to go by.

In what can be a rude shock to BJP, an opinion poll conducted by ABP-CVoter has predicted that it would lose in 3 major states in the coming general elections to be held in November. It said that the Opposition Congress to increase its numbers and is likely to sweep the polls in all three states - Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chattisgarh.

The survey said the people of Rajasthan want to see Congress leader Sachin Pilot as its Chief Minister and BJP's CM candidate Vasundhara Raje is lagging far behind Sachin. If elections are held today in Rajasthan, the survey said Congress would get 142 seats out of total 200 seats while BJP would settle with 56 seats and others would get 2.

In Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh too, Congress is likely to edge out the BJP, says the opinion poll. Of 230 constituencies in MP, Congress is predicted to bag 122 seats while BJP would get 108 seats.

And in Chattisgarh, it's a neck-and-neck, but still, Congress has an upper hand over the BJP. The survey said Congress would get 47 seats out of 90, while BJP would get 40 seats and others would get 3 seats.

Overall, the survey said, Congress wave is riding across Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh. While Chattisgarh would go to polls in two-phases i.e on Nov 12 and NOv 39, Madhya Pradesh would go to polls on Nov 28 and so Mizoram, whereas Rajasthan along with Telangana would go for simultaneous polls on December 7. The election results would be out on Dec 11.


Total Seats : 200

Congress    : 142
BJP         : 56
Others      : 2

Madhya Pradesh

Total Seats  : 230
Congress     : 122
BJP          : 108


Total Seats  : 90

Congress     : 47
BJP          : 40
Others       : 3

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