NOTA's US Premiere Collections: Less Than Half Of GG

NOTA's US Premiere Collections: Less Than Half Of GG

A lot was being expected of Vijay Deverakonda's NOTA. The film has finally released today, just a few weeks after Geetha Govindam's sensational success. In the US, NOTA was premiered at over 220 screens, which is a record release for Vijay.

NOTA's premieres have come to an end. The film's Telugu and Tamil versions could collect USD 188,995. Incidentally, this is less than half of Geetha Govindam's US premieres (USD 403,442 from 158 screens). NOTA being an intense political drama primarily catering to Tamil audiences is the main reason behind these underwhelming premiere collections.

On the other hand, critic reviews and word of mouth among moviegoers for NOTA's Telugu version are far from encouraging. This will impact the film's run not only in the US but in both the Telugu speaking states. However, Tamil critics have been more welcoming and have given positive reviews for NOTA. All said and done, it's going to be a crucial long weekend for NOTA.

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