Ghantasala Family Hurt After Watching The Film

Ghantasala Family Hurt After Watching The Film

Like no other biopics that have come in Telugu so far, for the first time this one landed in controversies. The irony is that the biopic is about a person who is non-controversial and who has not even a single blemish to his name. Yes, it is about #Ghantasala biopic only.

A hardcore fan who wrote a book on legendary singer and composer "Ghantasala", Ch Rama Rao, is coming up with Ghantasala biopic featuring singer Krishna Chaitanya and his wife Mrudula in the leads. Last year when Ram Rao approached Ghantasala family for their permission, it is heard that they didn't give nod.

Thinking that he would impress them by showing the film, Rama Rao went ahead to make the movie and screened 80% of the film to Ghantasala family recently. We hear that they are totally upset with the way movie turned up and planning to approach Court to stop its release.

Ghantasala family feels that there is no drama in his movie and they can't digest its failure at the box office. But his rise in the film industry itself is a good social drama and that might work at the box office, feels the director.

Legal experts say that anybody can make a film on any public figure and permissions of families are not required for that. Let's see what happens in courts now.

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