Bigg Boss : How Many Votes Did Kaushal Get?

Bigg Boss : How Many Votes Did Kaushal Get?

Unlike the first season of the Bigg Boss Telugu where the votes count of the winner and runner-up have been made public, the show organizers chose not to disclose the votes count of winner Kaushal Manda and first runner-up Geetha Madhuri, other contestants who stood in the final 5. This is now stroking a new controversy as fans of the contestants are waging war against one another over this.

Usually as per the practice, after announcing the winner, the votes polled to winner, runners would be announced. The same was followed in the first season where the winner Siva Balaji got 3.34 Crore votes out of the total 11 Crore 90 Lakh votes polled. And the first runner of the season 1, Adarsh, got 3.25 Crore votes and second-runner up Hari Teja had received 2.43 Crore votes.

Earlier in the first season, the housemates were also given a choice wherein one of them can take a briefcase with Rs 10 Lakh and can leave the house irrespective of their elimination. Usually, contestants who were not confident of winning the title could take the briefcase and leave the house. While no one availed the option in the season 1 as the fight for the title was neck-and-neck, the organizers had no such option in the season 2. Kaushal has been the front-runner of the title.

Inside buzz is that the votes polled to Kaushal is way ahead than the first runner-up Geetha Madhuri. This is also said to be the reason for not declaring the vote count. While several speculations and figures are doing the rounds in social media platforms, Bigg Boss organizers chose to stay mum. Over all, Bigg Boss 2 is a bit different from the season 1.

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