Rumor: Big Twist in Bigg Boss 2 Winner?

Rumor: Big Twist in Bigg Boss 2 Winner?

A strong speculation is doing the rounds in film and TV circuits that Bigg Boss Telugu season 2 would have 2 winners. While Kaushal is having an edge, talk is that another contestant Geetha Madhuri is also very close to Kaushal and has given a tough competition with neck-and-neck fight.

A rumour heard is that both Kaushal and Geetha got equal number of votes and popularity, hence the organizers may announce both Kaushal, Geetha as the winners of Bigg Boss Telugu season 2 by sharing the title.

While it's not sure whether there is any truth in such rumours, one would get to know the real truth only today night when the grand finale is aired on TV. However, since no Bigg Boss season in any language got 2 winners for a single title, doubts on such rumours are still alive. One has to wait and watch, what is in store. But one thing is for sure, Kaushal is leading the race and is one the probable winners of the Bigg Boss Telugu season 2. This is a good news for Kaushal's die-hard fans.

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