#BigBoss2: Nandu's Smart Game For Geetha!

#BigBoss2: Nandu's Smart Game For Geetha!

More than the inmates inside the house, it is the family members of each contestant that are playing quite tense and hard for #BigBoss2. Though it is just a game show, the family members are not in a mood budge to see their heartthrobs lose.

One such hopeful family member is actor Nandu, who is trying it pretty strongly on social media to promote his wife Geetha Madhuri. From a long time, Nandu is using his social media pages to talk about his wife and troll back the trolls. But recently he has a change of strategy.

While housemates of other inmates are openly taking a dig at the likes of #KaushalArmy, Nandu is playing quite smartly on this aspect. Whenever he found some meme targeting Geetha and supporting Kaushal, he's condemning the meme saying that even Kaushal will not accept such trolls. He is giving all support to Kaushal and pipping his fans. What a safe and smart thing this is.

At the same, Tanish's brother, Samrat's mother and Kaushal's wife are also promoting their loved ones big time, while Deepthi got the support of a social media company to take care of her promotions. This Sunday, the season 2 will see to its winner!

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