US to deport illegal immigrants from Oct 1

US to deport illegal immigrants from Oct 1

Starting 1st October, the United States is going to deport the people from foreign countries whose visa status stands expired. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), which works on granting and extending visas to non-immigrants, has made an announcement in this regard.

However, the H1-B visa holders will be exempted from the deportation considering the employment-based legal petitions and humanitarian applications. As per the new rule by USCIS, an official notice to appear (NTA) will be issued to the people who visa extension is denied or stands change. NTA is supplied to the foreigners who are making an illegal living in US with invalid papers. Getting this document means that the individual must appear before the immigration judge.

A large of H1-B applications, most of them are Indians, have been turned down by US officials in the recent past. With the new rule coming into effect from October 1st, the Indians without H1-B visa and legal papers living in America could be impacted massively.

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services also said a suitable notice period will be given to the people who visa status is getting impacted and to make it sure, they will be issuing denial letters as well. Also, the USCIS will offer details like period of authorized stay, check travel compliance or validate departure from their country to make sure that applicants have no information-gap.

Given the growing security concerns, the US federal agency is said to be continuously working on cases of individuals with criminal records and fraud. "There has been no change to the current processes for issuing NTAs on these case types, and USCIS will continue to use its discretion in issuing NTAs for these cases," said USCIS in its official statement.


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