#BigBoss2: Kaushal Confidently Over Confident!

#BigBoss2: Kaushal Confidently Over Confident!

After entering the final week of #BigBoss2, every contestant is hoping to clear all the barriers and walk away with the winner's cheque. Despite the fact that everyone has an equal chance of winning, the title is more towards Kaushal, followed by Geetha Madhuri to a bit.

Probably due to recognizing the fact that he enjoys a stupendous support outside, Kaushal made some negative comments in the recent times about other contestants. And on Sunday also, while campaigning for himself as the top contender, Kaushal repeatedly underlined how other contestants are fake, negative and luck-riding chaps. Isn't that sounding like a bit of over-confidence?

While his detractors feel that it is overconfidence, #KaushalArmy and other supporters of the TV star feel that this is how a campaigning should be done. When other contestants sought votes, they stated that every finalist is a good person and has a good quality. But it hasn't sounded appealing. They feel that Kaushal openly told the truth, and others are still faking to guard their image.

On the other hand, families of all the five contestants are now engaging with SEO companies to promote the candidature of their loved ones. More than the winner chosen by Big Boss, it's peoples choice that is going to be crowned.

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