C/o Kanch. Effect: NRIs Ready With Money

C/o Kanch. Effect: NRIs Ready With Money

Once a particular story, a title or a character click at the box office, our filmmakers have this habit of repeating the same until audiences are bored of it. So are some other business ideas too.

Despite getting rave reviews, C/o Kancharapalem is not doing well at the box office as the film's content never had that emotional graph that squeezed the hearts of audiences. Keeping that aside, the film gave a new hope to many NRIs now. Here goes the story.

The film is produced by Vijaya Praveena Paruchuri, who also played the role of that prostitute Saleema inside the movie. And now, many NRIs who got a crore saved in their American banks want to spend it on a film in case if some director will cast them as an actor in the film. Already some short-film makers are getting calls from few aspiring NRIs with this proposal, a source revealed.

There is nothing wrong in investing money and pushing oneself as an actor on to the silver screen. So let's hope if films with new content and actors with new talents will emerge in this process.

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