'Samantha' Continues To Shine Like A Star

'Samantha' Continues To Shine Like A Star

Beauty with brains is a rare combination. Successful heroines who had a long stay in glamor industry fall under this rare category. Currently 'Samantha Akkineni' is the most happening lady in South cinema with consecutive blockbusters to credit.

May it be the innocent journalist in 'Mahanati' or the village belle act in 'Rangasthalam' and now the crime reporter on a mission in U Turn, literally she is on a golden run with remarkable benchmark films to her kitty.

U Turn, the soulful mystery thriller released as Vinayaka festival special won the Box Office hands on. Revenues are said to be surprisingly higher than what's generally expected for a thriller script and with audience in a positive mood to accept Sam's spotless performance in a proven character, U Turn has stuck to its target audience.

What's more interesting is, Samantha surely took a decent lead over other competitive releases in last week and her hit streak is continuing unabated.


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