Director Fires On Critics

Director Fires On Critics

Debutante director Maha Venkatesh's debut directorial C/o Kancharapalem has opened to very good reviews. The film got the critical acclaim even before the film hit the screens giving it much-needed boost. However, Maha seems to be upset with a section of critics as the director openly fired at critics and the 'rating' system for the movie reviews.

Maha questioned that on what basis critics are giving ratings and said he would like to know the scale of ratings for films as a filmmaker. He pointed at why different websites are giving different ratings to the same film.

The C/o Kancharapalem director even took pot shots at journalists and directly questioned that how many are trained journalists. Venting out his anger on a few who revealed the crucial twist of the film that comes towards the end, Maha said 'real journalism' is in Facebook and said many are giving opinions on FB subtly. He appreciated many netizens who haven't revealed the twist while sharing their opinions on social networking sites.

Hitting out journos who had revealed the twist of the film, Maha dubbed it as "irresponsible journalism". Maha went on to ask how they are sleeping peacefully despite spoiling someone's life. Looks like, Maha has burst out all his frustration on journalists, critics.

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