Bigg Boss 2: Kaushal caught in Scripted Roast?

Bigg Boss 2: Kaushal caught in Scripted Roast?

'Anything can happen' is the slogan of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu and the show organizers seem to be trying their best to stand to it. It is evident that the show got sidetracked and took unexpected turns. The latest happenings hint to us about the show makers trials to show Kaushal in bad books.

Kaushal earned fans and haters with his acts throughout these three months, but the latest happenings look like an attempt of organizers to show more of his negative side and in turn highlight another strong contestant Geetha Madhuri.

While the detective task with silly acts by Geetha nominated Kaushal for the season, Nani too made Kaushal admit that the latter himself is sitting in the corner and was not cornered or targeted by any housemate. Two fan calls for Geetha Madhuri too raised many doubts and particularly when the second caller highlighted her wish to see a Woman winning the title.

Apart from these, the most recent episode had Kaushal asking Roll is he can wash his A** for his given big bomb, that triggered storm on the social platforms, putting Kaushal supporters in a zipped mode. This footage could have been edited out from the telecast, if not to show Kaushal in pure bad light.

Though the criticism is on Tanish's brother for asking about Kaushal's camera talk asking for captaincy after Deepthi lost it to negligence, Kaushal too had little more uncomfortable moments in the house since then. Without Bigg Boss's permission, Tanish's brother could not have talked about it.

Also the Bigg Boss organizers are heard to be in talks to disqualify all the rigged votes for Kaushal. Two more weeks and let us see what else can happen meanwhile!

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