Writer Shares Harikrishna's Narketpally Incident In 80's

Writer Shares Harikrishna's Narketpally Incident In 80's

Nandamuri Harikrishna left everyone shocked as he passed away in a tragic car accident on the Nalgonda-Narketpally highway last week. And according to the latest revelation made by senior writer Paruchuri Gopalakrishna, Narketpally has another significance in Harikrishna's life.

The incident dates back to more than three decades. When the story discussions for NT Ramarao's Anuraga Devatha began in 1980, NTR asked his son and the film's producer Harikrishna to bring Paruchuri Gopalakrishna from Uyyuru in his car.

"Harikrishna drove so fast that the engine broke down with a lot of smoke and the car came to a sudden halt at Narketpally," said Gopalakrishna. He went on to reveal that Harikrishna then asked him if he was scared at his rash driving. Gopalakrishna told him that he was not scared as he trusted his driving.

The above incident is proof enough to understand Harikrishna's expertise in car driving. Call it an unfortunate coincidence or destiny, the same Narketpally highway had once again witnessed Harikrishna's car come to a final halt on the fateful morning of August 29.

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