Nandamuri Patch-Up Not So Easy?

Nandamuri Patch-Up Not So Easy?

It looked like the differences between Balayya and Tarak are all gone, which is a big reason for Nandamuri clan' fans to celebrate. Strong rumors popped up that Balakrishna is the one who will launch Aravinda Sametha audio out and NTR will be playing a guest role in 'biopic'. Though it seems to be the series of good gestures on their part after reunion, 'exclusive NTR fans' are heard to be completely unhappy with the happenings.

Tarak's fans are recalling those incidents when Balayya fans tried to suppress NTR and his movies for years, when the relation between the two actors was strained. They are venting their anguish reminding the SMS campaign that went against NTR sometime back. These fans are hoping that the reunion and its effects should be kept away from film issues.

Tarak's fans could not simply forget the unethical practices during the rift and immense support when all is well. On the other side, it is interesting to see how NTR handles this situation. It is not Tarak, if he refuses to patch up with Balayya in this situation, as he needs moral support from Balayya now and it is a family relation he will never ignore. Though it might hurt some fans, NTR may not want to refuse a chance to get back in good relation with Balayya.

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