Despite Disaster, Hero Demands 2 Crores

Despite Disaster, Hero Demands 2 Crores

After much struggle since the initial days of his career, this young hero scored his first hit a few years ago. And then followed a series of flops and average grossers. Vexed with the uncertainty in his career, the hero launched his own production company and scored a huge blockbuster with his maiden production venture.

Unfortunately, success eluded him once again and his next three films ended up as flops, including his latest movie. However, despite his flop streak, the actor seems to be quite adamant about his remuneration. We have exclusively learnt about how he recently said no to a producer just a day after his film was declared a huge disaster.

Apparently, a producer who has made two films so far approached the young hero for a project. The actor demanded 2 crores as his remuneration and this left the producer shell-shocked. The producer later met the hero's dad and tried to convince him. But even the dad was no less and he too was stuck on the 2 crore demand. In the end, the poor producer had to give up his plans to make a film with the hero.

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