Bigg Boss : Geetha Madhuri's Naughty Behaviour

Bigg Boss : Geetha Madhuri's Naughty Behaviour

Married woman Geetha Madhuri's behavior in the Bigg Boss house is raising eyeballs and setting tongues wagging. After her shockingly calm behaviour after the two kiss acts by Samrat and Roll Rida, in the latest episode Geetha is seen getting naughty with Kaushal.

While this is a special task where Geetha has been asked to act as Kaushal's girlfriend and Kaushal has been asked to enact like 'Bigg Boss', Geetha said to have gone little overboard. In fact, many were shocked to see Geetha's closeness with Kaushal. Despite Kaushal asked her to stay away, Geetha didn't pay heed and continue to stick to him. All this happened in front of the guests Aadhi Pinisetty, Taapsee Pannu and Ritika Singh.

As the finale is fast approaching, looks like the organizers as well as the contestants are raising the steam. However, Geetha Madhuri seems to be a bit going overboard.

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