Don't Worry About Rana's Health, It Is for Naidu

Speculation ran rife about Daggubati Rana's health is not well since some time and particularly after he has undergone an eye surgery, again. His appearances at recent events almost had us believe his rumored ill health, but not everything we see and hear is true.

Rana had issues with his eye and the actor himself clarified that all is well except few things that he already is addressing. Rana lost a lot of weight and looked lean in his recent appearances, that worried many of his admirers. Here is the truth for all those who speculated and also who got worried, Rana's look is a much-needed transformation for 'Chandrababu Naidu'.

It is for the role of Chandrababu Naidu he is playing in the NTR biopic, where Balakrishna is playing NTR. Rana almost got into the looks of younger Chandrababu with the lean structure and prominent mustache. While Rana plays a Chandrababu other famous actors like Vidya Balan will be seen as NTR's wife Basavatarakam and Rakul will be seen as Sridevi.

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