Vijay, What The F?

Vijay Deverakonda is not new to controversies. Post Arjun Reddy, he got used to such controversies. But the latest one has a religious and communal twist as well which may bring more mileage to the film. Vijay's first-ever VOX in his upcoming Geetha Govindam is expected to kick up a major storm as it seems to be hurting the sentiments of a particular community.

Even as the controversy erupted with Kathi Mahesh's comments on Goddess Sita and Lord Rama is still fresh, the makers of Geetha Govindam have dared to put up a controversial comments on Goddess Sita and Mahasati Savitri who are very sacred to Hindu community, very close to the hearts of millions and most importantly, whom they worship with utmost love, respect. This is now triggering a debate in social, political circles.

The lyrics of Vijay's 'What the F', penned by Sri Mani and sung by Vijay himself mean that Goddess Sita may not go to Forest with God Rama if it is in present generation. It further adds that Mahasati Savitri would neglect if Lord Yama is taking her husband's life as she would be busy watching Netflix.

What KCR Will Do Now?

As Telangana government is very serious on such issues and very recently passed strict orders that any such comments posing threat to communal disharmony wouldn't be spared and strict action would be taken against the individuals and even have barred entry of Kathi Mahesh and Swami Swaroopananda into the city, one has to wait and see what T-government would have to say against the lyrics of the song that are poking fun at the characters in Puranas/epics of Ramayana, Mahabharata.

Will KCR, KTR act against the makers of What The F? Several right-wing and Hindu groups are alleging why Hindus and their sentiments have become soft-target.

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