#BigBoss2: She's Hot Favourite Now

#BigBoss2: She's Hot Favourite Now

Opinions are changing every week on the contestants on "Big Boss 2" and that is leading to a new favourite emerging each time. Initially, Tejaswi Madivada used to be favourite of many, but now she has entered the bad books of all due to her incomplete behaviour.

Who has emerged as the new favourite of audiences then? For standing on behalf of Kaushal when Tejaswi and eliminated contestant Bhanu Sree are blaming him for touching inappropriately, singer Geetha Madhuri has won all the praise. Despite the fact that she belongs to Tejaswi-Bhanu's team, she stood for truth and that made her hot favourite of many.

Also, TV9 Deepthi used to be the hot favourite of many TV audiences earlier, but somehow her different stands on Babu Gogineni and other issues have made her fall into second place. After becoming a captain, the way Geetha Madhuri is behaving inside the house is truly stunning and that is the reason for her to stay atop as a choice of people.

But anything could happen inside the #BigBoss2 house and who knows how things might change in the tasks that will be given this week. For now, Geetha is the favourite! Dot!

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