KKR Behind Congress' New Strategy in AP!

KKR Behind Congress' New Strategy in AP!

Congress, which had paid hefty price in both AP and Telangana for politicizing the bifurcation of the state, is now said to be in contemplation mode. The former president Sonia Gandhi said to have recalled the former CM Kiran Kumar Reddy's last words as the CM that the party would shell out huge price in both the states if it goes ahead with the bifurcation.

Considering that the party had a strong base in AP, the age-old party is now planning to revive its lost glory. Party president Rahul Gandhi said to have telephoned the ex CM Kiran Kumar Reddy and asked him to rejoin the party and reportedly took his advise to strengthen the party again.

Kiran said to have responded positively to Rahul's request and is toying with the idea of re-joining the Congress, the party which made him the CM of the united state. However, Kiran wanted to focus on national politics and wants to remain as adviser pertaining to AP.

Interestingly, Kiran advised Rahul to target Opposition YSR Congress Party rather than targeting the ruling Telugu Desam Party in AP. Given that it was YCP which took away the base of the Congress in AP, Kiran said to have advised Rahul to target YCP. He opined that targeting Chandrababu would not fetch any additional advantage to Congress in AP and hence told them to 'attack' Jagan Reddy to garner strength in AP.

In short, Thalli Congress to attack Pilla Congress in AP to bring back its lost glory. While Jagan is already breaking head with the opposition from TDP and Janasena, the joining of Congress may further escalate his troubles.