Nani On Big Boss 2: Allu Arvind's Push, Jr NTR's Tips And Handling Stardom

Nani On Big Boss 2: Allu Arvind's Push, Jr NTR's Tips And Handling Stardom

"It's tough to handle remakes because we have to match it 100%. But with the support of MAA TV, I'll match it pretty well. And MAA TV's game plan for the same is pretty interesting as the second season is going to be great and new" says Nani, as he exuded confidence in pulling out a magic for Big Boss Season 2 that is going to be aired from June 10th.

Allu Arvind's Push

But how does Nani got the chance?  "Why me? Because I've never watched Big Boss shows. Even I've asked the same thing", says Nani, later revealing how he was aboard.  "Allu Arvind garu called me one day saying that I have to do this show. As he has told me pretty strongly that I would do justice to the role, I too believed it. Arvind garu's conviction helped me a lot to convince myself" Nani said.

The Best Tip NTR gave!!

"It's really tough to find a replacement to Jr NTR as he has done phenomenally well and everyone named only Nani as the better replacement. NTR walked out only due to dates issue.. as he has committed his next movies", said MAA TV CEO, confirming as to how NTR got replaced by Nani.

But what about Nani talking to NTR about this stint? "I discussed this with Tarak at Mahanati audio launch I told him that I will watch all his episodes and we didn't exchange any tips. He told me the best tip is to not to follow any tips" Nani stressed.

Handling Stardom

In the wake of big stars like NTR (Telugu), Kamal (Tamil) and Salman (Hindi) hosting this show in other languages, does Nani feel like arriving a true stardom after becoming Big Boss Host?

"I take it more a responsibility than a star status because one has to learn from every episode," says Nani, adding, "I will not follow either Salman or NTR to bring out the best. I will do what I love and what I understood"

Also, Nani has one more point to make: "When the likes of Chiranjeevi garu and Nagarjuna garu has done shows on TV, all the boundaries are erased between cinema and small screen. So I'm happy to step into TV now".

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