All Money Going To Two Channels, What About Us?

All Money Going To Two Channels, What About Us?

These days, many sensational debate programs are being cooked up on some small time channels and later few big TV channels are overtaking them. But in the first place, why are those channels always targeting Tollywood and Telugu films personalities with their acts? Here comes the shocker.

A couple of years ago, some big producers of Telugu industry formed as an LLP and started giving ads to only to few TV channels, print media houses and websites. Basing on the Broadcast Association's ratings, the Top 5 channels are picked for ads. And rest of the 15+ TV channels in Telugu circuit get only feed and content regarding interviews, trailers and songs, but won't get any ads. There started the big gamble.

Producers feel that when they are paying almost 20+ lakhs each to Top two Telugu news channels, that is worthy of it. And they opine that paying even 1-2 lakhs for other TV channels will not yield them any visibility or publicity.

Pushing their finger at the spot, these young TV channels are now busy airing casting couch related stuff, theatre issues, 'aah naluguru' domination and criticising films badly through their reviews. Now if any producer asks them, these channels say, "Sir, we don't have visibility and that's the reason you don't give ads, so why do you worry about our negative programs now?". That's how Tollywood is getting dipped in mud by all means.

But a media analyst whose heart goes to these small channels stated, "See you're giving almost 1 crore cumulatively each month to those top channels and you ignore small channels. Now those big channels that are living on your money are writing you off by encouraging those elements that defame the industry. Think about it".

To sum up, 'Give us ad there will be no negativity spread, else face the trauma'.

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