Severe Criticism On #NationalAwards

Severe Criticism On #NationalAwards

Other day the 65th National Awards are announced and the jury of the awards praised that the standard of Malayalam films is higher and top notch than any other cinema in India including Hindi, Tamil and Telugu films. That's good. But there is another voice here that should be heard.

A severe criticism is now being heard that the jury members are behaving selfish and acting on the advice of the ruling leaders rather following a transparent procedure.

Despite praising that Malayalam actors are showcasing terrific acting skills, the Best Actress award is given to late Sri Devi for "MOM" movie. Though everyone is happy for this, as Sridevi is no more and it will be like a tribute to her, the fact is that Mallu heroine Parvathy's acting in "Take Off" movie is top notch than any other contender in that race, felt film lovers.

So, what is the point in giving an award to Sridevi when someone out there out-shined her on the silver screen in the very same year? So on what basis these awards are being given, is the question now.

That is why some say, 'lazy cows are wearing black glasses when it comes to finding out who did really well and whose performance should be rewarded. Like always, the sanctity of National Awards has questioned again.