Mahesh Corrects Koratala's Weakness?

Mahesh Corrects Koratala's Weakness?

All the three films that Koratala Siva had directed so far became big hits. But, all of them had one problem, Weak Climax. Even the admirers of Koratala feel that he needs to write better climaxes. Did he correct his weakness in the case of 'Bharat Ane Nenu'?

It is heard that Superstar Mahesh Babu, who is wary of the criticism the climax portion in 'Srimanthudu' received, politely asked Koratala to rewrite and reshoot the climax of BAN. He allegedly had an apprehension about audience reception of the already filmed climax.  

Taking the suggestion of Mahesh very sportively, Koratala reportedly reworked on the climax and reshot it. Both Mahesh and Koratala are confident of impressing audience with the new climax and thus make sure the flaw in 'Srimanthudu' doesn't repeat in BAN.

Carrying massive expectations, BAN is slated to hit screens on April 20.

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