Who Has Guts Than Balayya To Do This?

Who Has Guts Than Balayya To Do This?

Whatever his political differences are, Nandamuri Balakrishna is maintaining a cordial relation with Mega Family for a long time. Not just he has attended #Mega60 birthday bash, but he has also invited Megastar Chiru as Chief Guest for the launch of Gautamiputra Satakarni. And here is an extension of it.

While Chiranjeevi is busy shooting for #SyeRaa, the presence of Allu Arvind at the muhurat event of "NTR" biopic fulfilled that deficit though it's not 100% replacement. Taking to the occasion, Arvind said, "Who has the guts to produce a biopic on NTR and to act in the role of NTR, if not Balayya?". Before that, he revealed that once Telugu people are called Madrasis but it is NTR who got us this "Telugodu" status.

After looking at the muhurat shot taken on Balayya, where he uttered the lengthy mythical and poetic Telugu dialogue with ease, it looks like Arvind's words are damn true. If not Balayya, definitely other actors will need to work very hard to do justice to the role.

Furthermore, Arvind added, "Three years ago, this film's co-producers Vishnu Induri revealed the story. Then we felt like Balayya will suit well for the role but never thought the film would materialise. It's feeling great".

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