NTR Class, Nani Mass

NTR Class, Nani Mass

Hosting the first season of Bigg Boss was one of the best decisions ever taken by NTR. The offer came to him at a time when he was undergoing a transformation, from a mass hero to a universal hero. He accepted the offer despite his busy schedule and put up immense hard work to complete Jai Lava Kusa on time and host Bigg Boss simultaneously. A couple of class films and Bigg Boss show helped him in getting close to class and family audience, and the result is, scoring a hit with a below par film, Jai Lava Kusa.

Now, Natural Star Nani has also planned something similar with Bigg Boss season 2, but the only difference is, he already has the support of class and family audience, and hence he aims to win mass audience with the reality show.

After star heroes refused to step into the shoes of NTR for season 2, the show organizers roped in Nani owing to his steadily increasing popularity. Actually, in his chock-a-block schedule, Nani doesn't have time to host Bigg Boss, but he still accepted the offer in his bid to get closer to mass audience. He can also use his spontaneity and sense of humor to good effect and make an everlasting impact on TV audience.

With 'Nenu Local', Nani has already proved that he can be a convincing mass hero. He aims to build up on that image with his next film, 'Krishnarjuna Yuddham', which is targeted as mass audience and the second season of Bigg Boss. Among the contemporary heroes, Nani surely has the best planning, and his implementation is also quite effective.

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