Private Pic: Mega Family's Mega Moments In Own Flight

Private Pic: Mega Family's Mega Moments In Own Flight

Long back, we've seen Megastar Chiranjeevi wondering everyone by visiting three pilgrimage places in AP on the same day by travelling through a hired charted flight. Later we've seen Pawan Kalyan also doing a similar thing during the promotions of Gabbar Singh movie.

And other day, it's not the same moment, but the Mega family had a great day with Megastar Chiru, Charan, Surekha, Upasna, Sushmita with her kids and husband, Sreeja and Kalyan Kanuganti, and the one n only Allu Arvind travelling through a charted flight to Vizag. They all have attended Rangasthalam pre-release event and then returned back today morning.

Looking at some of the pictures that have surfaced on the net, we could notice that Mega family is having a gala time aboard this flight. And this is one of those flights hired by TruJet for their charted flights business. In a way, they are having mega moments in their own flight we've to say.

While going to Vizag, we hear that even Samantha and couple of other actors also joined them in the flight, while the return journey is a strict family tour. And guess what, see how Allu Arvind is relaxing with a peg in hand!!

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