How Did Sye Raa Slip Out Of Balayya's Hands?

How Did Sye Raa Slip Out Of Balayya's Hands?

Right now various rumours are doing rounds on the internet that director Sriwaas who made "Dictator" with Nandamuri Balakrishna was supposed to direct "Sye Raa" as well with the same hero. Is there any iota of truth in this?

Actually, it is writers Paruchuri Brothers and their associates who are actually preparing the script of Sye Raa for a long time. The film deals with the story of rebel fighter Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy who has briefly shaken British establishments in Kadapa region in the late 1800s. And when the news came that Balayya is looking forward for a historical story for his 100th, the writers are said to have bounced him with the story.

But Balayya felt that there are lot inaccuracy and lack of information in the story and he wanted to do more work on the script. In the meantime, Krish came up with Satakarni story and Balayya went ahead with it. And Paruchuri brothers who have initially thought of Chiru for this film have again gone to the Megastar, this time with a finished script. And the project landed in Megastar's hands without any second thought.

In the whole episode, it is trued that Paruchuri went to Balayya with the script, there is no point that Sriwass is approached to direct the movie.

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