In Talk: Balayya's 'Save Them' Campaign

In Talk: Balayya's 'Save Them' Campaign

Though he has reached an age where he can't work 24x7 daily, Nandamuri Balakrishna is effectively balancing his political and cine careers. Recovering from the surgery, he's now getting ready to kick start shooting of a couple of films. Here goes an interesting snippet.

According to the grapevine, Balayya has given a word to save producer C Kalyan from the recent losses the producer incurred through Inttelligent movie. Though Kalyan's Jai Simha with Balayya fetched stupendous profits, Inttelligent gave him an unrecoverable blow as the 30 crores worth project (in terms of sales) made only 4 crores finally.

Now we have to say that Balayya will be launching a special "Save Them" campaign to save this producer along with a couple of directors. Actually, VV Vinayak wants to do a film for C Kalyan now with Balayya in the lead. At the same time, director Sampath Nandi also impressed Balayya with a new storyline. And both these directors are also badly in need of a hit along with this producer. So surely Balayya will be saving them a lot, provided with they create interesting story and screenplay, such that Balayya will take it into masses.

Now Kalyan's thought is that for Vinayak he has to cough around 30 crores budget for Sampath could wrap the film in under 8-10 crores sans Balayya's remuneration. We hear that Balayya-Vinayak project will take off if Vinayak chooses not to take any remuneration. If else, Sampath Nandi's film will go on floors. Meanwhile, Balayya has Krish's Aham Brahmasmi as well in his kitty.

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