That's A True Love For Baahubali In Japan

That's A True Love For Baahubali In Japan

If you truly love a film, you will reflect that love in your day to day routine. Like we wear tee-shirts with particular film logo or characters printed on them, we use dialogues from a movie and trend the hash tags like #wkkb, Why Kattapa Killed Baahubali.

When it comes to this magnum opus of Rajamouli, Japanese people and media are showering love like all of us Indians. After Baahubali 2 released in Japan couples of weeks ago, suddenly the film turned viral though it got some average reviews initially. While collections are impressive, many people are said to be liking it for the grandeur and hair rising scenes.

An artist has shown his love on Baahubali by drawing a comic strip on the film in a popular newspaper. The comic strip showcases how a girl who has missed the tickets of Baahubali 2 catches it up on a digital streaming website. And her reactions to particular scenes are explained in a funny way.

Especially the way some iconic scenes from the film including Prabhas climbing an elephant over its trunk in the opening scene, Anushka and Prabhas releasing arrows together and Devasena's entry scene are getting highly appreciated if this comic strip is to be talked about. It looks like Japan guys might come up with an anime version of Baahubali 2D TV series very soon.

Undoubtedly this is a true love from Japan and Telugu people should feel really proud about Rajamouli and his stellar star cast.