Jai Simha 50 Days In 'Zero' Theatres!

Jai Simha 50 Days In 'Zero' Theatres!

Almost the 'final run' collections have come out from all the areas with the running of this film coming to a total shutdown nearly two weeks ago. But now, the producers have come up with a "Fifty Days" poster, thereby wondering us where the film is actually getting screening.

As the film "Jai Simha" released on 12th January, it will be completing that 50 days run by today (March 2nd). And there are two things we need to discuss here. Firstly, according to trade reports, the film was out of screen nearly 10 days ago after it amassed 29 crores share from theatres. So what is the point in calling its 50th-day poster when the film is not running anywhere?

Second thing is that, even if "Jai Simha" is running in some fan-frenzy theatres that screened many of Balayya's films for years, today there is no single theatre screening films and issuance of tickets is also stopped in almost all the places. Thanks to theatres bandh that is called against the hefty charges being collected by Digital service producers. So in which theatre "Jai Simha" celebrating the 50th day? That stands by the line, Jai Simha's 50 days in '0' centres.

Directed by KS Ravikumar, Jai Simha released in Sankranthi season with a target of 27 crores from the box office and the film ended up bringing 2 crores profits as well.

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