March 2nd Bandh: Why Allu Arvind Is Silent?

March 2nd Bandh: Why Allu Arvind Is Silent?

Everyone knows it by now that Telugu Film Industry's fight with Digital Service Providers (DSP) overpaying the print-cost of Rs 15,000 / week is leading to a bandh, where film theatres will be completely shut down from March 2nd. While the likes of Dil Raju and others are seen indulging in discussions with these providers, one wonders why one bigwig is not seen around.

Majority of the Digital Print Service is provided by brands like Qube, PXD and UFO. And an unofficial report is that while PXD is owned by popular Prasad Lab, UFO is owned by a company in which Allu Arvind has a major share. If Arvind himself is the man behind these digital service providers, why is he not able to bring the issue to a solution?

That's the question that is lingering on the minds of many people from the film industry as they wonder why Arvind is not mediating things. They say that Arvind is the master brain behind making many exhibitors (cinema theatre owners) sign deals with Digital Service Providers He got them signed long leases for replacing their old school film based projectors with new digital systems. As part of that deal, DSPs will have control over the ads they will play in the theatre rather giving that control to theatre owner, film producer or film industry bodies, a source reports.

As per DSPs demand, they are charging only 15000 per week but earlier print cost used to be anywhere between 70,000 rupees for once. And now if a move plays for one month, the cost is still the same 70k they say. But what is the point in going digital if the costs are not coming down??

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