Good Samaritan Vinayak Gives Cheque Again?

Good Samaritan Vinayak Gives Cheque Again?

Sai Dharam Tej's latest release 'Inttelligent' ended up with a flop talk and the film is showing no signs of recovery. The movie utterly failed at the box office due to the bad story and routine screenplay, and the distributors are likely to suffer heavy losses.

Almost all the cast and crew have pinned their hopes on this VV Vinayak directorial but it turned out to be a disaster in the end. For that reason, compassionate person, Vinayak jumped into the situation to take stock of the producer's position. Reports are coming that the director has come forward to return a part of his remuneration. Guess how much?

Earlier when Vinayak introduced Akkineni Akhil to the industry as a hero with 'Akhil', that movie also became a disaster at the box office. Made with a budget of 40 crores, theatrical revenues of Akhil garnered just 17 crores which made the distributors face a huge loss. At that time, kind-hearted director Vinayak came to the rescue by giving back some money to the distributors involved in the movie. And now we hear that out of the 9 crores remuneration he has taken, he is giving 5 crores to producer C Kalyan to take care of Inttelligent losses.

Being a director, Vinayak is thinking about the producers who bankroll the film and is giving back his cheques when the movie turned out to flops. Can our heroes do the same? Whatever it may be, Vinayak is a good Samaritan, say trade circuits.

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