Shriya's Mother Opens Up On Rajasthan Wedding

Shriya's Mother Opens Up On Rajasthan Wedding

Other day the whole of Bollywood media buzzed with the news that heroine Shriya Saran is all set to get married. While she is linked with many heroes earlier, this time it is said that Shriya is getting married to her Russian boyfriend, whom she met three months ago. What's the truth in this?

As a heroine, Shriya is a darling of the masses, but her darling is none other than her mother Neerja Saran. As the news of her 35-year-old daughter's marriage is going viral, she spoke a national media to clarify about the same.

"My daughter is going to Rajasthan for a wedding and she got some special clothes and accessories ordered for the same. But that's not her own wedding. It is her best friend's wedding that is taking place in Jaipur. Also, there is another family wedding that is going to happen in the same place at around same time. But Shriya is not getting married, neither she has any Russian boyfriend", Neerja said.

Meanwhile, Shriya will be seen in upcoming Gayatri movie in Telugu and has a couple of movies in Tamil as well as Hindi. Despite losing her stardom long back, she is one actress who is hanging in there from a time, thanks to her good looks and also justifiable pay packet demand.

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