Budget: Pawan To Burst Soon

Budget: Pawan To Burst Soon

Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan is yet to respond on the Budget 2018. Amidst large perception of meting out injustice to AP and Telangana, Pawan hasn't expressed his opinion on the burning issue so far.

Inside reports have it that Pawan is also upset with the raw deal to Telugu states in the Budget and may soon express his angst publicly. As of now, Pawan is busy building his party and sorting out the internal issues of the party.

Many opine that Pawan's outburst on Budget may push BJP into much deeper trouble. Though BJP leaders are making tall allegations on Naidu and claiming that Budget is best, Pawan's voice may put them down.

Given that Pawan has voluntarily rallied for BJP during 2014 polls, if Pawan hits out at the BJP, this may turn head ache for the Lotus party. It needs to be seen whether Centre would act before Pawan's outburst or not. Since Rajnath Singh has been interacting with TDP MPs and looking into the issues of AP seriously, it needs to be seen whether a formal statement in the floor of the Parliament is made soon or not.

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