Mahesh's Reply to School Girl Letter

Mahesh's Reply to School Girl Letter

Definitely, these days emails and WhatsApp messages took centre stage in anyone's life when it comes to communication. But there are those people who still prefer writing on hard paper or signing the text printed on letterheads. A similar thing happened with a schoolgirl named Neha Sanampudi who wrote a letter all the way from the USA to Superstar Mahesh.

Apparently, she admires Mahesh a lot and a huge fan of Srimanthudu movie. All the way from the USA, she posted a letter from her school to "Mahesh Babu, Film Nagar" and it reached its destination directly. Stunned by such a written letter, Mahesh reciprocated to her on his social media page and also added that he will respond to her via a letter too.

All these latest moves of Mahesh when it comes to interacting with fans are really interesting to see because a superstar of such stature will always be busy and finds no time for all these. Some say Namratha is taking care of all these stuff, but anyway, Mahesh is getting dear to audiences of all ages these days.

Mahesh Babu's message for the fan's letter:

Dearest Neha,
In a world of internet and mails, was pleasantly surprised to receive a letter sent to me by post. Makes me very happy to know you enjoy my movies. Sitara and gautam also liked Srimanthudu as much as you did. Happy to be your inspiration and will try to do movies which you will like :) It was an absolute pleasure reading your letter and I wish you all the best for your schooling.

Lots of love, God bless. :)
Mahesh Babu.

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