Coming Up! Pawan Kalyan's 'Charitra'

Coming Up! Pawan Kalyan's 'Charitra'

With 'Angyaathavaasi' going for a debacle at the box office, it looks like Pawan Kalyan has a change of mind. He wants to do a couple of more films before actually getting into full-time politics through his Janasena party.

An interesting update is doing rounds in Film Nagar that the star hero is going to listen to a script from a director which is laced with political touch all over. Director Govind Lalam who directed horror-film Maya Mall that released last year is now ready with a political subject that suits Pawan Kalyan. The director already got the title "Charitra" registered for Powerstar with the caption "Nissambdam Veedi Aayudham".

We hear that Jai Simha producer C Kalyan is backing this project and he already took Pawan Kalyan's appointment for story narration. If all goes well, as Pawan liked the basic premise of the story, he may star in "Charitra" as well. As this top hero has the habit of working with the not-so-popular directors from the start of his career, who knows, he may okay this director.

But in the wake of 2019 general elections coming up, if Pawan Kalyan comes up with a political film, then he should make sure that it will not be a debacle. Though films and filmy fans don't turn into vote banks, a sort of negative effect will be there.

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