Reason Behind Suresh Babu's Frusration

Reason Behind Suresh Babu's Frusration

Despite good reviews, Mental Madhilo hasn't fared as expected at the theatres. Low landing cost, well-planned marketing and limited promotional budget have helped Mental Madhilo as low-risk film.

This par, the film's satellite rights and digital rights have brought the profits for the makers. Interestingly, both the digital rights and TV rights have been sold for an OTT platform which is a rarity in Telugu cinema.

As per sources, Yupp TV has acquired the both TV and digital rights. So, one may force to see the film only on digital platform as the film's TV telecast would not be anytime sooner unless Yupp TV sell it off to any other TV channel. The deal is said to be good money that raked in profits to the film's producer Raj Kandukuri who immediately announced another film (Brochevarevaru Raa) with director Vivek Athreya.

However, the film's presenter Suresh Babu, who released the film, seems to have faced the heat as he didn't rake in profits as expected. Although there is no loss to Suresh Babu, but his loss is that the decrease in his profit share.

Now, one could understand Suresh Babu's frustration on digital platforms that are eating away his profits (i.e theatrical revenue).

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