Indian Student Shot in US at Convenience Store

Indian Student Shot in US at Convenience Store

19-year-old Indian-origin student was shot dead by robbers in the US late on Thursday (Dec 28, 2017). Robbers, who were armed, have attacked the victim at his convenience store at the Clark gas station at 142nd and Langley in Dolton in Chicago. The petrol station and attached convenience store was family owned.

The victim was identified as Arshad Vohra. According to reports, he hailed from Gujarat. Along with Vohra, his relative who was accompanying him was also shot. The second victim, Bakar Saieed, was critically wounded and is in critical condition.

Local police said that the two people were shot during an armed robbery attempt inside the convenience store.

The suspects fled the scene. No one has been arrested yet. A USD 12,000 reward is being offered to help solve the case, the report said.

The shooting comes amidst growing attacks on Indians and Americans of Indian descent in recent months.

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