Six Sixes In 2017: Take A Bow Dil Raju

Six Sixes In 2017: Take A Bow Dil Raju

Planning a film, getting the script, bringing many talents onboard, getting the work done, taking final call on output, fixing release date, acquiring theatres, selling the movie, marketing it across globe, promoting it through various media, releasing the film, and making some profits in the end - this is what the job of a 'producer' is all about. And also he's should take care of egos, competition and sometimes personal losses as well.

Now multiply the above paragraph with '6', which means, one has to do it six times in the same year and get the positive result all the time. That's the magnanimous feat achieved by Dil Raju in 2017 with his six films including Satamanam Bhavati, Nenu Local, Fidaa, DJ Duvvada Jagannadham, Raja The Great and MCA. And he produced all these films at a time when crisis loomed his family in the form of his wife Anitha's sudden death due to cardiac arrest.

Dil Raju other day asserted that the moral support given by his friends and family helped him stand strong and deliver these hits. Also, he didn't take the whole credit for these successes but added that his directors, actors and other technicians are responsible for it. Talking about the same, hero Allu Arjun said, "Raju garu got this kick in the right time. In a year where he got hit with that great personal loss, scoring six hits in a row to overcome it is something divine. He needed this push".

Probably this success could be attributed to Dil Raju's like for film, his passion to deliver some happening movies, to entertain audiences and to give hits to struggling directors. Like Nani said, Dil Raju has that child-like and new-producer like passion that gets him going all the time.

"For a producer of his stature, if he gets a new song tune from DSP, he might have just sent that via WhatsApp. But he comes to the set where I'm shooting. Waits there till I get the shot done. And then takes me into his car and plays the song loud, sharing his excitement with us. If a new producer does that, we can understand, but such a senior and big producer doing that is a rare thing. That's his passion and that is why he is super successful" said Nani.

Reiterating Nani's words, Dil Raju said, he always wants to see the excitement on the face of everyone when he shows them his film. "If I'm screening a film to my brother Sirish or Lakshman garu, I will wait at the door to find out their honest expression after the show. I will send a film's first copy for re-recording to Devi Sri Prasad and wait for his call to find out how he liked the film. That's how I feel about cinema. I'm mad about films and that intuition is what drives me" he added.

On a concluding note, we have to say, this ace producer's six-ball sixers in 2017 is not a joke or not such a simple feat to achieve. It takes guts, hard work, passion and dedication to scoring one. Take a bow Dil Raju garu!!