Nag On Nandi: We Got More Than Oscar

Nag On Nandi: We Got More Than Oscar

Ever since the Nandi Awards are announced by Andhra Pradesh government for three consecutive years, there has been a huge debate about the winners and losers. With some bigwigs criticising the jury's decisions, it became a huge controversy.

Among one of genuine criticism is none other than "Manam" missing out Best Feature Film trophy from the Nandi Awards committee. While the jury members opined that the film has reincarnation theme which cannot be considered for awards, celebs like Bandla Ganesh and Bunny Vasu criticised the decision.

However, it is quite surprising to see Nagarjuna and the whole Akkineni gang staying silent on it. Finally, he responded over that, when a journo asked about at a press conference.

Nag asserted, "Manam is a great memory as it happens to be the last film of Nanna garu. People have awarded their hearts for the film and that is more than Oscars for us. So we don't need any other awards".

After listening to Nag's words, it seems like the idea of keeping the lines, "From the makers of Manam, to whom people awarded their hearts" in the trailer of "Hello" is an intentional jibe taken at Nandi Awards.