Nag Says 'Hello' To Nandi Controversy?

Nag Says 'Hello' To Nandi Controversy?

Ever since the trailer of "Hello" is out on YouTube, there are two lines from the trailer that are catching attention in a different way. Actually, that is now resulting in a debate that Akkineni Nagarjuna took a dig at "Nandi Awards".

In fact, many people are upset with Andhra Pradesh Government that "Manam" movie didn't get Nandi Award as Best Feature Film, for which the jury told that they can't consider a film on souls and reincarnation for awards. And now, with Hello trailer featuring the lines "From the makers of Manam" "To which you awarded your hearts", it is being read that Nag took dig at Nandi Awards. They say, the lines read, we haven't won Nandi awards but your hearts.

Of course, many agree with the fact that if "Eega" is eligible for awards, then "Manam" has all fair chances as well. But a top star like Akkineni Nagarjuna taking such indirect dig at Nandi Awards isn't a good message to the society.

For the stature he has, the star should have come out openly about the awards. His criticism will surely make the jury rethink about the decisions they made. When a big Akkineni Stalwart himself goes silent and resorting to indirect satires, how come young generation would be open to transparency and honesty? Come out of the closet, Nag sir!!

Dec 02, 2017 బాలయ్య మీదికి ‘గ్యాంగ్’ అటాక్ మిగతా సీజన్ల సంగతెలా ఉన్నా.. సంక్రాంతికి మాత్రం తెలుగు సినిమాలతో తమిళ సినిమాలు పోటీ పడవు. తెలుగులోనే భారీ సినిమాలు రిలీజవుతుంటాయ… View Full Article