Allu Aravind Steps In! Bunny Vas Calms Down

Allu Aravind Steps In! Bunny Vas Calms Down

Even as Mega family is maintaining a stoic silence over Nandi Awards and in fact, Chiranjeevi himself has expressed his content over naming him for the prestigious Raghupathi Venkaiah award, producer Bunny Vas has been hell bent over the alleged injustice meted out to Allu Arjun. It is Bunny Vas who has been voicing his opinion against Nandi.

Learning that more damage would incur if the issue is prolonged as AP govt is serious over the issue, mega producer Allu Aravind, who has a gentleman tag, stepped into the issue to sort it out amicably.

Since AP government has no direct role in the whole issue and just becoming an embarrassment to the government and none other than the CM Naidu has personally responded on the issue and clarified the government's role in it, producer Allu Aravind has asked Bunny Vas to calm down.

It is reliably learnt that there is a great pressure on Bunny Vas from mega family itself on not to talk about it further. Apparently, even fan groups have been informed the same on not to rake up the issue again.

After this huge drama, finally Bunny Vas posted, "It's good for all to close down NANDHI issue.....CALM DOWN ..ENJOY THE WORK."