So Rajamouli And Trivikram Also Ineligible?

So Rajamouli And Trivikram Also Ineligible?

Fireworks and crackers lit by multifaceted film personality Posani Krishnamurali other day are still fresh in the minds of all. But the comments he made about directors are somewhat surprising film lovers big time.

Posani articulated that all the award-winners in BN Reddy Category for the announced three years haven't carved a film that's filled either with a social message or society centric theme.

"Take Muthyala Subbaiah for example, his film Kalikalam got appreciated by K Viswanath. Most of his films have those social awareness themes, including Sagatu Manishi, Ammayi Kapuram, Aruna Kiranam, Pavitra Bandham etc. Isn't he a most eligible person than the recipients in that list?", he questioned.

Posani might be right in his own interpretation, but these days the most social-awareness quality of a script and director are nothing but raking up all the invested money of a producer from the box office. In that aspect, Trivikram and Rajamouli are far superior to anyone, though their films don't have big social themes.

So how come Rajamouli and Trivikram will be ineligible? At the same time, the ego clashes between Posani and his disciple Boyapati Sreenu are known to all.