Why 3 Heroes Called Bobby After Sardaar Release?

Why 3 Heroes Called Bobby After Sardaar Release?

Director Bobby had to face huge embarrassment with the result of 'Sardaar Gabbar Singh' even though Pawan Kalyan had lion's share in creative aspects including writing and direction. Having seen his skills in conceiving commercial films, Bobby was expected to bounce back, and he did, with NTR's "Jai Lava Kusa". Recollecting the nightmarish immediate few days after the release of Sardaar, Bobby has now made an interesting revelation.

The director said that three heroes had come to his rescue after Sardaar released. The first one was Pawan himself.

'Soon after the release of Sardaar, I was tensed as I was hearing mostly negative feedback. Pawan sir called me, and asked me not to read reviews and opinions on social media. He told me to be strong and confident,' Bobby recollected.

'Ravi Teja, the actor who gave me birth as a director, called me and promised to work with me if I could convince him with a script, regardless of Sardaar's result. Later, Sai Dharam Tej called me, and offered to work with me. Even though I had no interaction with him until then, Sai called me at such a distressful time and lent his support. I will never forget that,' Bobby revealed.

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