'Nandi Awards Committee Deserves Oscar'

'Nandi Awards Committee Deserves Oscar'

While good number of people from Telugu film fraternity, film buffs and movie analysts have ridiculed the recently announced Nandi awards by the Andhra Pradesh govt. how could Ram Gopal Varma, who preys upon controversies, remain silent? The maverick filmmaker was at his satiric best in trolling the committee.

Varma opined that the Nandi Awards Committee deserves an Oscar award for their 'honest' efforts. 'No committee in the world would have given awards 'purely based on merit', 'without any partiality' like Nandi awards committee did. Such honest committee should be given an Oscar award,' Varma said.

The 'Shiva' maker called the committee's selection 'super duper mindblowing extraordinary', and added that he wants to touch the feet of all the committee members.

What a way to troll the committee in the guise of praising it.

Nov 17, 2017 చిరంజీవి కెరియర్‌లోనే ఫస్ట్‌ టైమ్‌ నలభయ్యేళ్ల చిరంజీవి నట ప్రస్థానంలో ఒక సినిమాకి టెస్ట్‌ షూట్‌ చేసి ఎరుగరు. చిరంజీవితో సినిమా అనుకుంటే అది సరాసరి సెట్స్‌ మీదకి వె… View Full Article