In Talk: Will Nandi Awards Affect Voters?

In Talk: Will Nandi Awards Affect Voters?

As the 'caste' color surrounding Nandi Awards received high publicity, thanks to the flock of TV channels and other media, it seems like analysts are looking at the political benefits that may happen.

Apparently, by pointing out openly, producer Nallamalupu Bujji stated that Nandi panel is mostly made of people belonging to Kamma caste, which is of ruling Telugu Desam's supremo and Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu. And many others do add to this version that either Kamma caste people or TDP loyalists get awards.

But with mega family celebs not getting desired awards, despite their proximity to some TDP biggies, it is now being popularized in social circles that Kapu caste are highly upset with ruling Kamma clan. As the majority of voters from this community tilted towards TDP after Pawan Kalyan's entry before 2014 elections, some forces are now projecting that ruling party is showing empty hands to Kapus yet again, no matter whether they are friends or not.

Whether the heat surrounding Nandi Awards will stay till 2019 is not known, but brushing awards with castes surely looks like a move that could benefit politicians as they could use this as a weapon to convince voters.

Some political analysts are convinced that the present Nandi Awards will not be such a trump card to play during for 2019 elections, while the awards that would be declared for 2017 and 2018 might do some favor or damage.

Anyway, if awards that are given to 'movies' and 'movie celebs' are having roleplay in mindsets of voters than the awards that are given to achievers in any given field, definitely it's the line of thinking that is to be blamed.