'Boiling Star' Disappointed With Nandi Awards

'Boiling Star' Disappointed With Nandi Awards

Right from the moment the AP government has announced the Nandi awards for 2014, 2015 and 2016 recently, the jury as well as the state govt. are receiving brickbats from those who didn't get awards, film analysts, critics and movie lovers.

Reigning comedian Prudhvi has also come out in open expressing his resentment over not getting an award for his popular 'Boiling Star' character in 2014 super hit film, 'Loukyam'. He divulged about having hoped of getting Best Comedian award for Loukyam, since he had received many awards for his role in that film.  

'I felt like the jury told right on my face that I wasn't eligible to get Nandi award yet. Its very hurting,' he reportedly said. The comedian said that he however finds happiness in knowing that audience have loved his performance, even though the govt. hasn't recognized his efforts.

Director Gunasekhar, the producers of 'Race Gurram', Bunny Vaas and a few others have also expressed their disappointment over the AP govt. not recognizing the deserved films and artistes.

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